Hi!Welcome to my site! My name is Cori Kirk . Take a peek at some of my stuff. Enjoy!

Book Redesign | Skinny

The objective was to redesign the internal layout and dust jacket for an existing book. Create an eye catching book that visually stimulates the viewer.I built and handcrafted this unique design. The layout and overall feeling has to relate with the feeling you recieve while reading it.

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Brand Manual | St. Johns River Aquarium

The objective was to create a brand identity package for St, Johns River Aquarium. This brand manual includes the proper ways to display the company logo, vehicles, uniforms and various other touchpoints.

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Cd Package | Shwayze

The objective was to build an original package design that reflects the many aspects of the band Shwayze. The package needed to display the unique qualities in the band and become a fun and interactive product for the consumer. This package design includes a cd case, cd, shirt, beer koosie and draw string bag.

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Annual Report | SOIL

The objective was to create a annual report that is interesting and informational for a company in 2011 called SOIL Sanitation Management Company. This annual report talks about important aspects of the company that determined the outcome of their year including customer relationships and yearly income.

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Experimental Book | Soccer

The objective was to experiment with type and images. Create interesting spreads that visually stimulate the viewer, while also providing them with fun and interesting facts that they might not know about soccer.

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Package Design | Avery

The objective was to create a perfume gift set that is affordable and still elegant. This product would be sold in a department store or a place such a Sephora. It is a gift set used to promote this new product.

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Logo Evolution | La Rue Valdiviesto

The objective was to show the evolution of a logo over 70 year time period. The styles of that time period must reflect in the logo. Slight but significant changes are made to make it work in the new era. Also created is a mail out celebrating the 70 year anniversary and an in-store celebratory evolution book.

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Domestic Violence Series

Create a domestic violence poster series for loveisresepct.org. This series focuses on teens and tries to help them become more aware of verbal physical and mental aspects of dating abuse.

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Package Design | Loudmouth Vineyards

The objective was to create a unique wine, chocolate and gift box. The wine is a fruit favored wine called Mascoto. The chocolate helps enhance the fruit nuances in the wine. The gift box is a carrier for the bottle of wine. This collection also serves as a novelty.

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Website | The Big Fun Box

The objective was to redesign a website for the organization The Big Fun Box. There were many stipulations and rules to be followed in the making of this site. This website is not only for the company but also for parents and children. The website has to be functional for parents but also visually appealing to children. It is fun, colorful and interactive Photoshop was used to make the buttons, sidebars, and navigation. View Live Site.